Kayak Launch

Following the designation of the Kankakee River as a National Water Trail in 2016, a group of individuals worked to form the Potawatomi Paddlers Association, a 501 C 3 Corporation. The mission of the PPA is to carry out a myriad of planning initiatives and play a key role in changing how municipalities within the Kankakee River watershed treat the River in development ordinances and plans. This includes but is not limited to river edge improvements to include boat landings, water side parks, and other enhancements; policy initiatives aimed at improving the quality of the river so that it can support native plants, fish, and other wildlife and a variety of recreational uses; on-the-ground projects that result in physical improvements and preservation of quality habitat; and education and outreach programs that inform and inspire people to help revitalize the Kankakee River.

As part of this effort, and to enhance access to the Kankakee River, The Potawatomi Paddlers Association is looking to partner with public agencies and private landowners to develop and improve public access points along the Kankakee River. To this end, we are working to raise funds which can be leveraged with private funds and grants to improve and enhance access points for kayak and canoe enthusiasts. The following pictures are suggested outcomes of these efforts.

Please join us in this effort. Contributions can be made to the Potawatomi Paddlers Association, P. O. Box 503, Kankakee, IL 60901.